Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Nojolu's Smartsheet Solutions

Nojolu currently has two solutions: the Dynamic Drop Down NUJ and the Contact List NUJ. The NUJs are similar in that they allow you to update your drop downs/contacts from one source sheet. So, rather than having to go to multiple workflows, sheets and columns to do that, with a NUJ subscription, you can run updates as often as you need to. Add us to your dashboard or schedule automatic updates to make managing even easier.

To get started with one of our NUJs, simply visit our website and sign up for the 14-day free trial. Once you've created an account, you'll be able to access all of the features immediately.

Yes, The NUJ works with each user to provide the simplest, worry-free experience.

Yes! We love taking on new projects and especially challenging ones. Our mission is to help businesses,especially SMEs (small-to-midsize), create their own best business workflows: either with new software or connecting existing software. We listen to your needs and offer solutions..

Yes! We offer customer support via email and live chat(coming soon!) to help answer any questions you may have about using Nojolu. Additionally, our website also has an extensive library of helpful tutorials and FAQs.

Payments can be made through our secure site. We use Stripe for all our payment processing.

We accept all major credit cards and GPay.

A simple NUJ setup can be set up within a matter of 30 minutes max. Creating more involved NUJs really just takes the time in making the connections needed for your needs.

We have a 14 day trial, that will automatically roll to the Basic Subscription for the NUJ you chose for the trial, if you do not choose a different subscription or cancel.

Each time you NUJ the data for a different location, you will receive a progress status for that operation.